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Michael Holm

MichaelHolm-n (Member since 2014)

Michel is Director of the Reinsurance and General Insurance division of Finanstilsynet, The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

He started his career in the Danish Banking Supervision in 1979. He became Banking Inspector in 1988, Head of Market Risk Division (1990) Director, Financial Conglomerates (1992) and in 1998 Director, Reinsurance & General Insurance.

He has participated in several EU Commission and EU Council working groups on banking, insurance and financial conglomerates. He was President of the Council Working Group on Financial Conglomerates during the Danish Presidency of the EU and negotiated the final details with the European Parlement (2002).

Michael is a member of the IAIS Technical Committee and of the IAIS Reinsurance Subcommittee and has made presentations in regional seminars and panels around the world.

Master in law from the University of Copenhagen.