The Three-Tier Structure

A constantly evolving ecosystem with the Public Interest at its core

We work to achieve our goals in a collaborative model sustained on three pillars: The International Standard Setting Boards (SSBs), the International Regulatory Community (Monitoring Group) and the PIOB, the oversight body

The Three-Tier Standard Setting model


A group of international public interest and financial institutions (the Monitoring Group), responsible for monitoring the overall structure and to which the PIOB is accountable.



An independent oversight body (the Public Interest Oversight Board), responsible for overseeing the standard-setting processes by the two standard-setting boards as their nominations processes.

3.Standard Setting

The two standard-setting boards (IAASB and IESBA) responsible for setting international high – quality standards for audit and assurance and professional ethics.

 Copiar y pegar en este párrafo: The Monitoring Group published its Recommendations to Strengthen the International Audit and Ethics Standard-Setting System on July 14, 2020. These included a Public Interest Framework for the Development of International Audit-Related Standards (Appendix D, pages 18-25) to establish and oversee that the audit-related standards are responsive to the public interest.

The PIOB Methodology

three actions, one goal:

high-quality global standards in the Public Interest

Public Interest Issues Process

Public Interest Framework

Note: PI = public interest. SSB = standard-setting board. CAG = Consultative Advisory Group.