• Public interest protection


Until 2011 the PIOB carried out a policy of 100% direct observation of meetings of the boards and committees under its mandate supported by staff briefings and due process analysis (limited reviews and extended reviews). A PIOB member was present at each meeting to determine whether due process was followed effectively and with proper regard for the public interest and to provide comments or recommendations. The knowledge that the PIOB had observed each meeting gave assurance to stakeholders that the public interest was being protected.

Direct observation enables the PIOB to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the deliberation processes under its oversight mandate.  PIOB staff prepares briefing memos to support every PIAC and CAG observation conducted by PIOB members, highlighting any relevant issue. Each direct observation is  documented with an observation report. Based on this information, the PIOB forms an opinion on the appropriateness of each stage of the process used to develop individual standards.

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