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Karen Stothers

aileen (Member since 2017)

Karen Stothers is Senior Director of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI), the independent Canadian federal government agency that regulates and supervises financial institutions and pension plans to determine whether they are in sound financial condition and meeting their requirements.

She began her career in the auditing profession in Canada where she became a Chartered Professional Accountant of Canada and then moved on to financial reporting, accounting policy and risk management for both Canadian and international purposes in US and Canadian Banks. 

In her current position with OSFI she is Head of a centre of expertise in accounting and auditing standards and processes for national and international accounting and auditing policy practices. She is the authoritative voice of OSFI with national and international liaison parties, e.g., standard-setters, regulators, auditors to ensure ongoing assessment of key national and international accounting and auditing standards and trends in order to influence their development and implementation through a variety of means. 

Karen is responsible for OSFI’s public interest role in the Canadian oversight of the setting of audit and assurance standards as the OSFI observer on the Canadian Audit and Assurance Standards Oversight Council. She is also a member of the Public Interest Oversight Board as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision nominee. She also oversees OSFI’s positions with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s Accounting Experts Group and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors’ Accounting and Auditing Working Group.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce and Finance from the University of Toronto.