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Mr. Jules Muis


(Member since 2014)

Jules Muis is a former Director General and Chief Internal Auditor of the European Commission (2001-2004); and Vice President and Controller of the World Bank (1995- 2000).

Prior to 1995 he practiced at Ernst&Young in senior client- and practice-management positions. Jules was Executive Partner of E&Y’s European operations from 1992-1994. 

In 1991 he was President of NIVRA, the Dutch Institute of Registered Accountants.

Throughout his career Jules has been actively involved in promoting and contributing to a broad range of systemic issues, from audit and accounting standard setting and quality control, strategic planning and micro and macro risk management, to institution building and good governance issues in a global setting, both in the public as well as the private sector.

In 2004, after his retirement from the European Commission and building on his previous experience, Jules made a world tour and took stock of the systemic risks in our financial system from an accountant’s perspective.

In December 2004 and the years following he shared his alarming conclusions at a public conference in the Netherlands and internationally : I.e. a fundamental breakdown of our overstressed, disjointed and undercontrolled financial system was an accident waiting to happen, for most of the same reasons we know to-day.

In 2005 he followed up his strong warnings with the publication of a (co-authored) survival kit for accountants and auditors for when the financial fragility shoe was to drop.

Post retirement, Jules stays engaged in the public debate on reform of the financial architecture.

He has held various oversight functions since, currently as an independent member of the Board of Auditors of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in Luxembourg.

Jules Muis is a Dutch Registered Accountant (RA) and lives in Washington DC.