MG Reports on the progress of the reform

The MG recommendations established a nine-month transition plan and implementation of the reform within three years thereafter

15th Anniversary: Celebrating our mission like it's day one

The most important day of all, when we celebrate all the road travelled so far and focus on the future steps to keep working in the Public Interest. Thank you for getting here with us

Public Interest recommendations published on the PIOB website for the first time

As a result of all our improvement efforts, the Public Interest Issues identified by the PIOB are made public and they become a fundamental tangible value for the transparency of the accountancy profession

PIOB submits comment letter to the MG Consultation

The PIOB shares its input on possible improvements of the standard setting system

MG consultation paper for strengthening the governance and oversight of the international audit-related standard-setting boards in the public interest

Especially important to enhance the independence of the standard-setting system and the Public Interest focus of the PIOB

2017- 2019 Strategy Consultation

Seeking to improve the delivery of our mandate, a second consultation on our strategy is launched

PIOB´s Tenth Anniversary. Publishing of Standard setting in the Public Interest: a description of the model

A year of celebration, during which the publication of the standard setting model description added transparency and value to the organization and the whole standard-setting structure

Public Consultation on PIOB’s work program 2012 and beyond

Recommendations are issued based on the comments received to our Strategy consultation to improve the public utility of our work

New Oversight Methodology

Best practices, more transparency, high quality standards... experience teaches us how to do it better every day

The implementation of the IFAC Reforms is reviewed by the MG

Review of the IFAC Reform and the PIOB carries out its self-assessment exercise

Completion of the IAASB’s Clarity Project

The PIOB oversees and approves the review of 33 clarified International Standards on Auditing (ISA)s together with clarified International Standards on Quality Control 1 (ISQC 1)

Signing of the Monitoring Group Charter Agreement

This crucial document for the PIOB mission is signed

First website and Annual Report

Our work begins to be formally visible also on the Internet

Secretariat is set up in Madrid

Having official headquarters is a big step forward for the global relevance of the institution

PIOB is born

The public interest becomes the main focus for accountants worldwide through the IFAC Reform 2003



Legally, the PIOB is a Technical Committee of the PIOB Foundation. The PIOB Foundation is the independent legal entity housing the PIOB. It is accountable to the Spanish foundations regulatory body.

All PIOB members belong to the Technical Committee of this foundation, which is the body entrusted to carry out the oversight activities of the foundation´s mandate. The Chair and the Secretary General of the PIOB are also the Chair and Secretary General of the foundation, governed by a set of By Laws.


The PIOB Foundation, governed by a board of trustees, discharges its Public Interest mandate, employs PIOB staff, owns its assets, and is accountable for the funds and means that support the PIOB’s activities.

Public report & Financial Statements

PIOB 15th Public Report 2019

Final report 2018_IPIOB

PIOB Public Report 2018

PIOB Public Report 2017

Final report 2016_IPIOB

PIOB Public Report 2016

Final report 2015_IPIOB

PIOB Public Report 2015

Final report 2014_IPIOB

PIOB Public Report 2014

Final report 2013_IPIOB

PIOB Public Report 2013

Final report 2012_IPIOB

PIOB Public Report 2012

PIOB Public Report 2010

Final report 2009_IPIOB

PIOB Public Report 2009

Final report 2008_IPIOB

PIOB Public Report 2008

Final report 2007_IPIOB

PIOB 3rd Public Report 2007

Final report 2006ç_IPIOB

PIOB 2nd public report 2006

Final report 2005_IPIOB

PIOB 1st Public Report 2005

PIOB public statements 2020

PIOB financial statements 2020

PIOB Financial Statements 2019

PIOB financial statements 2018

PIOB financial statements 2017

PIOB financial statements 2016

PIOB financial statements 2015

PIOB financial statements 2014

PIOB financial statements 2013

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PIOB financial statements 2009

financial statements 2008_IPIOB

PIOB financial statements 2008

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PIOB Financial Statements 2007

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PIOB Financial Statements 2006

PIOB Budget Diversification


In 2012, the PIOB conducted a fundraising exercise in close coordination with the MG and IFAC. As a result, in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, the PIOB achieved a diversified funding base that includes sources other than IFAC. In 2020, the PIOB received monetary contributions that amounted 1,615,145 euros and an In-kind contribution from the Spanish authorities that amounted to 189,318 euros.

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