Enhancing through actions

The PIOB´s purpose is to build day by day. Through ideas, debates, direct messages to the main players in the financial sector… but above all, through actions.
It is our responsibility to find and define the Public Interest initiatives that provide a real contribution to the auditing sector and the people.

PIOB Cloud

Making information available to everyone is undoubtedly in the Public Interest. Through meticulous work to understand current information access needs, PIOB creates the Public Cloud. An innovative search tool to access our library more easily.

Mind the gap series

Sustainability, opportunities, scale, legislation… many aspects of daily life generate gaps between people, organizations and countries. With Mind the Gap, a series created by PIOB, we are generating conversations about some of these topics to bring beyond expectations possible solutions for people and the planet.

PIOB Workshops

Carefully analyzing our reality from multiple points of view can be the beginning of change. The most qualified professionals gather at the PIOB Workshops to bring to light the discussions that are shaping the Public Interest.

PIOB Social Impact

The more professionals in our circle, the closer we will be to fulfilling our mission in the Public Interest. Follow us to participate in conversations and make our community grow in number and relevance.

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